When is everything gonna stop?
Where do I go?
What can I talk about and or do that will be acceptable by you?
When are you going to stop grouping us together?
When will all this bullshit stop.
How can I leave my house knowing that everything you have said on here is true? How do I run from that? Leave to a different country?

nope that would be breaking one of your rules.
You like rules…
So your breaking one of your own.
I have absolutely no idea what to do, i’m judged everywhere I go because i’m white.
How did you grow up?
Where did you grow up?
Can you make a site like this for other races?
Who are you to say all of these things?
Oh yeah you forgot about gossiping.
White people like to talk.
Is it only for us?
Is it ok that I grew up poor?
Or.. is one of your new rules going to be.
White people like telling other people how they grew up poor and in an all black neighborhood because it makes them feel “cool”?
What about living down the street from a barber shop and a church’s chicken?
Am I cool now?
I should have been born a different race.
Then maybe I could say things and it would be ok.
How about white people that have never seen such things as “The Hills” and “The OC” in real life…
Is it really like it is on TV?
Or is that all fake?
Well… no I guess it is true you’ve seen it first hand right?
Do white people really like getting tanned?
Are white people really afraid of offending other races?
Are other races afraid of offending white people?
You can’t answer that….
I just wish you had all the answers.
Then maybe life would be simpler.
You forgot to mention “Psychology” and/or “Helping others”
White people like to be in charge.
White people like to talk about themselves.
And how much life sucks.
Life sucks because they didn’t get that new Miley Cyrus cd.
White people listen to their ipods and things…
Not cd’s…
Unless they’re the “Vintage Type”
God damn this senseless mindless brainwashing piece of shit land that we live on.
When did everything turn to shit?
How is it gonna change?
Is it going to change?
I wish we could go back to the 1600′s everything was so much more… real.
Now we’ve just run out of ideas.
The only thing I believe that has progressed in a positive manner is medicine.
Go you.
I do not want your “SWPL” shirt.
It’s very “SWPL” like.
Just look at it.
Then again… is it “SWPL” of me to say that I do NOT want the shirt?
I just don’t know.
What do you think?
I think that White people like to make casseroles.
Of all kinds.
White people now like mythological vampires.
It’s a “Trend”
I believe it is because that can relate, they don’t have to feel ashamed of they’re paleness.
Way to stoop down so low.
White people like skinny jeans.
White people like reading things such as “The basic writings of Sigmund Freud”.
Makes them feel smart.
White people like to play “Dungeon’s and Dragon’s” and other varies things of that nature.
It helps them escape the harsh reality that they are one of these stereotypical White people.
White people enjoy 60′s and 70′s music.
Because it makes them think of another time.
A time other than this one.
Which is indescribable.
Everything is categorized.
In some form of grouping.
Anything and everything.

This is my rant.
And I quite enjoyed it.
Thank you

To Chris Lander Author of “Stuff White People Like”.

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